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    Wedding Favor Etiquette

    Wedding Reception

    How do Guests know whether your reception is formal or informal? The key for the guests is the location fo the recpetion. They should be able to discern its formality by where it is taking place. Another alternative is to tell a few key people and have them let people know.

    How do we handle guest seating at the reception? Good question. The key here is to have a plan. When you ahve a plan you can make sure that the guests get seated more easily. Most people use table cards that the guests pick up when they walk in. The guests then take these table cards with them and look at what table they are sitting at.

    When do the guests eat? A simple answer here is when you call them. Food can be served by the staff for a sit down dinner. It can also be served using a buffet. In this case it is usually wise to call guests table by table. Guests should know when the food is about to be served because the DJ will make an annoucement.

    What typically happens at the reception? The wedding reception usually follows a pretty standard process. The guests arrive, they are seated, the wedding party arrives, food is served, the band plays, the first dances occur, more dancing, the cake is cut, tossing of the bouquet, the bride and groom depart, and the party ends. However, the actual order is up to you. Just make sure you havea schedule and stick to it.

    When does the bride throw the bouquet? It is usually thrown toward the end. Just beofre the bride changes to leaves for the honeymoon she will change into a more comfortable dress. This should happen just before that.

    Annouce the Wedding

    When should I announce my engagement? Generally, you should try to do this about two to three months before the wedding. If you want to put it in the paper, call and check with the paper a few months before and check what rules they have. It varies from paper to paper.

    Should I send an announcement to someone I didn't invite? Be careful here. Do this on a case by case basis. Some people view an announcment as a request for a gift. It is not, but be aware how someone might take it. Some people will definately want to know that you are getting married, but can't make it. Send these people an announcement.

    Wedding Invitations

    Can I put a map to the reception in the wedding inviation? Generally a good idea. This works well especially if you are inviting some guests to just the ceremony. For these guests leave out the map. Don't usea photcopied map. That is really cheesy.

    How should I address an invitation? try to use the following format: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Carlton Johnson request the honor of your prescence.

    What if my parents are divorced? A bit harder - you should consult them and ask them if it is okay to list them together. If they agree use the following: Mr. Bob Edward Chistenson and Mrs Sara Jane Garrasi. If they don't agree, put the name of one on the reception and one on the ceremony.

    How should I word the invitation for the reception? It is okay to have a separate card in the invitation for the reception. This card should invite guests to the reception. Check out this sample wording:

    "Mr. and Mrs. Billy Thomas Nash request the honor of your presence at the marriage ceremony at five o'clock at Wesley Methodist Church..."

    Where do I put where I am registered in the invitation? You generally do not want to do this as it is considered tacky and a blatant request for gifts (although most people assume that they will give you a gift anyway). Better idea is to tell a few people to pread the word and if the guests call and ask, to tell them where you are registered. It may be inefficient, but that's the way it works.

    Wedding Gifts

    Can we open gifts at the reception? Do not open your gifts at the reception. This will take to long and will bore your guests. Instead open your gifts during a small gathering after the honeymoon. Be sure to have someone write down who the gifts are from for thank you notes.

    Do I need to buy my bridesmaids or groomsman gifts? Yes, you should. These are people that are helping out with your wedding. Many of them have also traveled a long way to be with you at great expense to themselves. Wedding tradition says you should buy them gifts - they don't have to be expensive, just a little something to say thank you.

    Wedding Ceremony

    Where does my family sit? Generally, the families of the bride and groom will be in the front rows on their respective sides. The parents will be in the first row with other family members seated further back. The bride is on the right facing the front of the ceremony location with the groom's family on the right.

    Where do the rest of the guests sit? Generally on their respective sides. See above. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If the place looks imbalanced, ie there are more bride guests than groom guests, instruct the ushers to make it balanced and ask people to site on the other side.

    Can I take photographs during the ceremony? This is something to check on before you book the ceremony location. However, most ceremony places will allow it. Also check with your officiant to be sure.

    What should the bride and groom do in the beginning? The bride should start in the back of the church or sanctuary. The groom should be up front with his groomsman. The bride will then walk down the aisle with her father when the time comes. She should be on her fathers right side and should take his right arm.

    What should my mother wear? The mother's of the bride and groom should wear a conservative outfit. They should also try to wear dresses of the same legnth since they will be seen together a lot. They may even want to cordinate on their outfits.

    Music Selections

    What kind of music selections should we play for the ceremony? There are many choices, but here are a few that should be helpful for the processional: My Tribute by Crouch, Cherish the Treasure by Mohr, The Lord's Prayer by Malotte, Panis Angelicus by Franck, The Wedding Prayer by Dunlap, All I Ask of You by Narbet & Callahan.

    Here are a few that should be helpful for the ceremony itself: Waltz of the Flower by Tchaikovsky, Wedding March by Mendelssohn, Ode to Joy by Beethovan, Ave Maria by Shubert, and Trumpet Voluntary by Dupruis.

    What music should I use for the reception? Here are a few ideas: Sunrise, Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof, Daddy's Little Girl by Burke & Gerlock, On the Wings of Love by Jeffrey Osborn, Lady Love by Lou Rawls, and finally, Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel.

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