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  • Many of your friends and family, guests at your wedding, will have trveled a long way at great personal expense to attend your wedding. Clearly the bride and groom are glad that they have showed up. Wedding favors are a great way to say thank you to your family and friends and to present them with a last reminder of the wedding and a momento of the event. This article is designed to provide some ideas for people who like to give favors to guests and who might want to make them themselves.

    There are many wedding favors that people can make themselves and save themselves a lot of expense and time. The following are a couple of popular ideas for people looking for crafts for their wedding:

    Box CAndle

    Required Items: small candles - white color, shavings (wood), small white box, ribbon.
    Estimated Time: 2 to 3 minutes per favor.

    This favor idea requires a few items and a little bit of time. To begin get the small box and onthe bottom, place the wood shavings. Take the small votive or other style candle and place it in the box so that it fits snugly. Close the box, then attach the ribon or a bow to the outside. If you would like to add a tag or note to the top, you may do so according to your requirements.

    Bagged Candles

    Required Materials: small votive candles, bags (made of tulle or other fabric), assorted ribbon colors
    Estimated Time: up to 2 minutes per favor

    This project is somewhat similiar to the project above, but it will look slightly different. The most important part of this project and pulling it off well is the bag. The right kind of bag is crucial. We normally advise using some type of fabric bag. What you can do is place the candle in the bag, carefully close the bag and tie it shut with the ribbon. Next take the tie the ribbon and add a tag or wel written message according to your preferences.

    Assorted Bag of Candy

    Required Materials: Candy (different types), bags, assorted ribbon
    Estimated Time: Up to two minutes per favor

    This is one of the lowest budget ways to do favors. The project is very simple. Take a bag, it could be decorated or fabric, and place candy in the bag. Don't do this too far ahead or the candy gets stale. Tie the bag and personalize it if you like.

    Bell Project

    Required Materials: Small bells, optional bell stand, and assorted ribbon
    Time Estimate: A minute or two per item

    Instead of candy, you use a bell as a wedding favor. wedding bells are functional (they ring and get people's attention) and they are also nice to look at. For this project, get the ribbon and tie it through the hole in the bell. You can also use beads, or flowers for the top of the bell to decorate and hang on a stand if you like. Most people just leave them on the table..

    Centerpiece Candles

    Required Materials: Big Candle, Glass holder, flowers, greensand pine, extra cardboard.
    Estimated Time: about twenty five minutes per centerpiece

    Take a big candle and put the candle in the candle holder (can be glass or frosted). Then get the seasonal greens or flowers and put them on the cardboard. Paint the cardboard to match the greens. Then put the candle and holder in the center of the cardboard and place in the center of the table. Adjust to taste.
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