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  • Introduction

    For a bride, the process of deciding what type of favors to have can be an extremely agonizing one. The process takes on added importance because favors typically reside on the table and can play a part in the overall look and tone of the table. Moreover, guests take home favors and tend to use them as lasting reminders of your special day. This article is designed to provide some tips on\ wedding favors and will also provide some tips on how to use them. It will also provide details on how to lay them on the table.

    Having Wedding Favors?

    While some people are reluctant to have wedding favors due tothe cost and the logistics, there are many significant advantages to having favors. The chart below outlines some of the advantages and disadvantaged of having favors:

    Pros Cons
  • Your wedding guests will know you care for them
  • Favors are great table accent pieces
  • Wedding favors are a lasting momento for guests
  • Most favors are practical and usable
  • Favors match reception hall decorations
  • Wedding fAvors are great for theme weddings
  • Poor favors reflect poorly on the reception
  • Wedding favors can be expensive
  • Favors can clutter a table

  • When people weight the advantages and disadvantages of having wedding favors, most people find it a no brainer to have the wedding favors. Chief in people's mind is the fact that wedding favors create a lasting impression on your guests and make them feel special and cared for.

    How Many Favors?

    The key to ordering the right number of favors is to know how many guests are going to be attending the wedding. You can gauge the number of guests by the response rate. However, if you are doing the favors ahead of time to get them out of the way, a good rule of thumb is that there is generally a 20% decline rate for invitations. This could be a lot larger if the guests are mostly from out of town. You should generally plan on giving one favor per person, although with some favors it is appropriate to give one favor per couple or family.

    The main disadvantage of giving one favor per couple is you need a way to distribute the favors fairly. we would not recommend doing this unless you have assigned seats and a way of designating the favors for the couples or families.

    Discount Favors

    There are a number of ways to save money on wedding favors. You don't always need to pay a ton of money for classy favors. One way to do this is to buy your favors a a place other than a full service bridal boutique. Many places online offer discounted favors. Another way to cut costs is to make them yourself. You can buy materials at a local craft store, however, you will have to allow time to assemble the favors and to store them.

    Another way to save money is to give favors on a per family basis. By limiting the favors to one per family, you can keep the cost down. however, if you choose to do this, guest will generally expect to receive something nice.

    One of the best ways to save money is to buy favors direct. Generally you can expect to pay too much is you go to a bridal store. Look for the discount retailer or check online first rather than buying the favors from a catalogue. Online resources can be very helpful.

    /Favors - Where to Put Them

    There are a couple of ways to place the favors on a table. Many people put them in front of the guest's placesetting. Another way is the place them in the center of the table. You can also have a person distribute the favors at the end of the wedding reception. Moreover, a great way to distribute favors is to have them sitting on a special favor table near the door that guests can take with them at the end of the wedding. It is often helful to ahve someone watching this table.

    Tasteful Wedding Favors

    Wedding favors should always be tasteful. You do not want to give your guests some type of cheesy toy or plastic item that you got for ten cents. Your guests will be able to tell. It is better to give no favors at all than bad favors. Moreover, you should also try to get favors that are appropriate to the event and tell your guests thank you for attending and celebrating.
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