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Wedding Centerpieces
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    Centerpieces are an ideal decoration and are almost a must for any wedding table. Wedding centerpieces can catch a person's attention and set the decor and style for a room. In addition, a wedding centerpiece is a great decoration. Nice wedding centerpieces don't have to cost a lot though. You can make centerpieces and not buy them at full price. This article will assist the crafty brides in creating their own cost effective centerpieces.

    Time to Complete
    • About 5 hours
    Items and Materials
    • 11 to 15 inch ring made of styrofoam
    • matching piece of circular cardboard
    • Spray paint for the ring, acrylic works well
    • 8 to 12 roses (buds are best)
    • 4 purple and white statice stems
    • 5-10 additional assorted flowers
    • 2 or three large white roses
    • Several yards of ribbon
    • A large white pillar candle to go inside of the ring
    Equipment for the Job
    • Heavy duty glue
    • 20 or 30 pins
    • Cutting tools
    • Heavy duty cutting tools
    1. Paint the styrofoam ring the color that you desire.
    2. Do the same to the cardboard ring on both sides.
    3. use glue and paste the styrofoam ring to the cardboard on one side.
    4. Cut the ribbons into about 2 different legnths - these should be about 3 feet and 6 feet. Attach the bibbons to the outside with pins.
    5. Paste seasonal greens to the ring as a base.
    6. Paste or pin flowers and other items to the ring securely.
    7. Fill in empty spaces with greens.
    8. Put the candle in the center
    9. add ribbon to the candle

    Floating Candle/Flower Centerpieces

    This is another centerpiece project, accept that it uses water instead of the styrofoam. The water is basically the palate here and decorative items are added to the water and float in it. Here are the details:

    Time to Finish
    • 1-2 hours
    Supplies Needed
    • One mediaum floating candle, preferably round
    • a twelve inch glass boal
    • 5 to 7 silk roses
    • More real or fake flowers
    • Colored glass balls for the bottom of the water
    • More seasonal greens
    Equipment for the Job
    • Cutting units
    1. Put the glass balls in the bottom of the bowl if you have them.
    2. Put water i nthe bowl.
    3. Put the floating candle in the water and try to keep it near the center.
    4. Add the roses to the water around the floating candle and try to organize them neatly.
    5. Add more flowers nicely and fill excess space.
    6. Add greens according to your preferences
    7. Put the candle in the middle of the table and do a test run. Don't burn flowers or greens.
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