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  • An important element of any wedding is the wedding reception. The reception is a time where bride, groom, family, and friends get together to celebrate the newly married couple. One of the keys to planning the reception is the wedding reception hall. This article will describe some ideas for finding the right wedding reception hall and will provide some guidance on how to source a hall for your event.

    One of the easiest ways to find a wedding reception hall is to have time on your side. When you have time, you are able to book the reception venue wel in advanceof the actual day. If you do this a couple of years in advance, you will be able to get almost any reception hall that you require. If you do not have time, it is not the end of the world. The next section will tell you what you should do if you are getting married pretty soon.

    One of the things that you can do to increase your chances of landing a great reception hall is to look at seasons when the hall itself will not be in high demand. the peak wedding season is from April to August. During this time period, there are many weddings taking place and it will be difficult to secure a venue. If you cannot do this, you may want to check for an off day of the week. Having the wedding on a Friday night is much easier than having a wedding on a saturday night. Soime couple may even attempt to have the wedding durng the week on a weeknight. Although this is not for everyone.

    Another way to find a reception hall is to think out of the box. Cover possible reception hall venues that other people may not think about. The more creative you are the more likely you are to find a reception ahll that is available. Some ideas to consider for reception hall venues are museums, women's clubs, restaurants, or even parks, or harbors.

    A key concept in looking at wedding reception halls is value, or price over quality. Two reception halls may be priced the same, but one may offer more value. Check for things like free tables, chairs, and linens, access to food, or access to service staff. They quality of the halls may be different. One hall may be much nicer than another or may be more appropriate for what you had in mind. The key in evaluating reception hall is to visit the hall. Also be sure to ask a lot of questions.

    Another thing to exaimine is the way that the reception hall is run. You want to make surethat you will not run into trouble with the reception hall management and that the place will be in good shape. Also make sure that the site's staff is courteous and responsive when you are there and when your guests will be there. Also make sure you have enough time to set up and take things down.

    When you tour the facilitiy, make sure that it has enough room for all of your tables and also all of your guests and reception activities. Some more common things to look at are the dance floor, the food, parking, access to the door, space, tables, chairs, food service, waiting areas and rest rooms.

    If the reception venue is a large venue and often handles multiple events on the same date, make sure that the other events that are going on will not cause a disruption to you or your guests. Also check to make sure that the venue will accomodate the decorations and other supplies that you will bring in. Also make sure that hte hall is okay with any other outside professionals that you will decide to bring together.

    Some venues have the ability to serve food in the location. If it is a restaurant, it is well equipped to do this. When chekcing costs, make sure you know what the food will cost. Some places serve food sit down style and other places do buffet style. You often have the option so be sure to ask. Other places or caterers chooseto set up food stations where guests will have serveral different choices available.

    The bar is another are to pay attention to. If you have a few people who are receovering alcoholics or people who do not like alcohol, you may not want to have a bar. However, many receptions do have some kind of bar. However, an open bar costs a lot and often accounts for most of the expense. Something called a limited bar is more popular now - where the bar is open for a period of time or certain items are free. Do not do a pay bar. Most guests will feel slighted with a pay bar.

    Make sure that hte room of venue is wired right and can accomodate a DJ or band if you decide to have one. DJ's or bands often need a lot of room for turn tables or for instruments. Make sure that the place has the space for these items and any dancing or other activities that you wish to have.

    As with any agreement, make sure you understand what you are getting. Also, make sure that the agreement is spelled out in written form. that way everyone knows what to expect. However, be careful, many facilities contracts have extra charges and fees that they slide in if certain things happen. be sure to read the agreement carefully. Have a great wedding.
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