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Bridal Shower
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  • If you are the maid of honor, you probably have the responsibility of planning the bridal shower for the new bride. The bridal shower is typically held at any time ranging from a couple of months before the wedding to a couple of days before. The main thing to think about regarding the timing of the bridal shower is the availability of all participants. If all of the people are out of town and won;t be in for a few days before the wedding, you should have it then. You should generally invite the close female friends of the bride. bridal showers typically range from 10 to 30 people.

    Bridal showers typically require more planning than bachelor parties. Most bridal showers require inviations, contact with guests, and structured activities. If you are a maid of honor, you should try to think about a schedule for the bridal shower and make sure that you get the people that the bride would like to have at her bridal shower. Many bridal showers are organized around a theme. The following sections provide an idea of what typically takes place duringa bridal shower..

    1. Arrival: greet the guests and perhaps have some snack or refreshments ready.

    2. Meet everyone: All of the people at the shower should introduce themselves. This could be done informally or as a game. For surprice showers, the order here will be changed.

    3. Shower Games: shower games should be fun and get the guests to interact. Many of these games are designed to embarass or encourage the bride.

    4. Food: This is pretty flexible - most food is served informally.

    5. Presents: Depending on the number of presents, this process could take some time. Be patient and let the bride enjoy the time. Perhaps appoint someone to write down the gifts.

    6. Free Time: Make sure there is some social time for talking.

    7. Depart: Guests leave and distribute favors.
    In addition to a schedule, many bridal showers have a unified theme that ties all of the events together. The table below provides some common bridal shower ideas:
    • Letters: All shower participants will get assigned a letter in their inviations. They should then bring a gift beginning with that letter.

    • Recipes: All participants will be instructed to bring a recipe as well as a cooking related gift.

    • Room - Kitchen: all participants will bring a kitched gift.

    • Grilling: All guests bring a grilling gift - only works for small gathering and if they like grilling.

    • House: all participants will get a room in their invitation (ex bedroom, bathroom, etc) and they should get a gift appropriate to that room.

    • Fun: participants bring a gift related to sports, entertainment, or hobbies.

    • Sporting: People bring sports gifts.

    • Work: The shower has a overall motif of an office.

    • International: gifts, food, and decorations are from around the world.

    • Relationships: uses chocolate, romeo and Juliet, or items assocaited with romance..

    • Remember: Guests bring a picture or tale from the prospective bride's life.

    • Wealth: gifts and theme are based around luxury.
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